Yoga For Health

9am – 10am at Booval

Yoga in Daily Life

8.00 – 9.30 am & 10.00 – 11.30am Humanities Building

Saturday 8.00 – 9.30am at Booval

Advanced class


Cedric Payne – Wednesday Classes

My love of exercise began at age 7 and I have enjoyed many forms of exercise since then. I was an Assistant P T instructor with the defence force for 34 years. Twelve years ago I was invited to a yoga class and loved it. I now practise yoga at least 3 times per week and enjoy teaching it. I believe that yoga is great for the body and the mind. My classes are for beginners to advanced

Carole Aveley- Saturday Class

I was taught the Iyengar method of Hatha Yoga from an accredited teacher. Have been practising Yoga for thirty eight years. 
I am very dedicated to the Yoga asanas. I have practised them continually since 1981, when I first joined a class.
I believe that Yoga can cure most physical ailments and I am only too ready to share my knowledge with people who are similarly dedicated and sincere. 
My classes are not for beginners.

Sandra Kovac – Tuesday class

  • Yoga for health is a level one Yoga course and Sarav Hita (do good exercises).
  • Sarav Hita is the base of all easy movement exercises that are Tai Chi and or Qi Gong reference-ed. Its healing effect is well known all over the world.
  • Sandra often refers her exercises from Qi Gong Northern Chinese style do good program and Pilates. She is a certified Pilates teacher and permission from Mr John Dolic the author of “Qi Gong Demystified” to utilize his method of level one Qi Gong  exercising program.
  • Every year Sandra travels to India Uttar Pradesh Varanasi, where she volunteers in work with Woman and Children health programs in the Kutumb Community Nadeshar. 
  • Yoga for Health class is combined breathing, relaxation and movement system of exercising. Classes are tailor made depending on the students who present in the class on the day.
  • This class includes yoga on a chair and standing and movement exercises.
  • Sandra has 20 years experience teaching Yoga classes. She completed Yoga in Daily Life teacher training in 2005. Her practice include volunteering in the Yoga Center which included teaching in the center and learning about the philosophy and lineage of the School. Teaching of this Yoga Lineage includes the sound knowledge of the Code of Conduct and respect for the Lineage. Yoga in daily Life is non religious approach towards holistic exercising. It is recognized globally for its holistic approach towards  life and health.
  • Sandra is internationally certified  for the  region of India, Europe and Australia.