Cryptic Crosswords


Bruce Duckett

All Cryptic Crossword Classes are held at Woodend Campus

BEFORE TURNING UP TO A CLASS PLEASE CONTACT THE TUTOR. Presenting yourself at a class unannounced can lead to disappointment for all involved.

REQUIREMENTS: An open mind, pen, pencil, eraser.

Q.What is a cryptic crossword?

A.. Just a crossword with cryptic clues!… a crypt is an underground cell or chapel, a secret place, the word ‘cryptic’ is defined as ‘hidden’, ‘secret’, ‘mysteriously oscure’

INTERMEDIATE – Monday  9.15 – 10.45 am

Tutor: Bruce Duckett

Intermediate class will be expected to tackle newspaper style cryptic crosswords as a group, and to work on these at home.

BEGINNERSMonday 11.00 -12.30 pm

Tutor: Bruce Duckett

It is assumed that you have no prior knowledge of cryptic crosswords.