Tutor: Wayne McDonnell

Thursday 1.00- 3.00pm at Booval

Photography is all about creating photos that are pleasing to the eye of the viewer and that tell a story.. It is the person using the camera that creates. It is not the type of camera or for that matter the quality of the camera that is important, it is how the person using the camera interprets the scene they are photographing.

One of the most important factors in photography is understanding the limitations of your camera. And once that is explained students will feel comfortable and they moved on to gaining knowledge about the other aspects of what makes a good or great image such as understanding how light affects the image and how to manipulate light to get the image you want.

These are some of the things discussed during the photography class. But before participants can get to that point they learn the various functions of their particular camera and what all the various controls and knobs do and how it affects the image they want to take.

As part of the class a number of field trips will be undertaken to practice the technical aspects of photography. The images taken during these field trips will be displayed in class and critiqued by all students in a friendly way.

Students will need to bring their camera, a fully charged battery, SD or CF Card, and their camera manual. It would be helpful if they have read the manual prior to attending the class. Having access to a computer and image manipulation software would be an advantage but not essential.

Here are photos of the group on a recent field trip to Nerima Gardens