Latest Annual Report


Speaking notes by Paulette Montaigne, President (2018/19)

U3A Ipswich AGM held on 29th November 2019

2019 has been another successful year for U3A Ipswich with no less than 45 individual classes or activities being offered throughout the year plus a number of workshops and social activities.  We currently have 45 tutors and assistant tutors. I salute you and thank you for your extraordinary contribution – week after week.

I would like to pay a special tribute to our retiring tutors:

  • Karl Gugenberger (Italian),
  • Pat Hoad  (Mah jong) and
  • Sherida Carrick (Somatics: Movement and Meditation).

Since joining the U3A Management Committee (ManCom) 5 years ago, there has not been a year when we have not had to deal with the issue of premises. However, we’ve just enjoyed our second year here at the Glebe Road Uniting Church. The Neighbourhood Centre, aka The Campus, Shalom House, the Fellowship Centre and Church Hall have provided very comfortable premises for our classes along with easy parking. I wish to thank the volunteers at the Church for their patience and flexibility in managing demands from U3A:  Robyn Kunde (Rooms Coordinator), Rob Edwardson (Safety Officer) and Dave Murphy (Maintenance Officer).  

On Wednesday 27th November, U3A hosted a Community Forum, NICO (Network of Ipswich Community Organisations), with Mr Greg Chemello, the Interim Administrator of the Ipswich City Council, to seek clarity and a timeline pertaining to community space and community grants.  Mr Chemello gave us some definite dates regarding the relocation of the other premises we use and that is the Central Library (September 2020) and the Humanities Building (October 2021).

Your ManCom continued its efforts in bringing U3A in line with its Governance obligations. We introduced two new policies:

  • Access to U3A programmes for People with Impairments or Disabilities and
  • a Risk Assessment Management Plan.

Your U3A is a Team Effort:

  • I would like to thank our outgoing committee members and all our volunteers who have helped me not only over the last year but since I joined U3A in 2015.
  • I’d like to make special mention of our Campus Managers: Geoff Mayhew (Booval and all things electronic) and Eric Boel (Woodend and all other stuff).  They work tirelessly to deliver comfortable premises and operational equipment with very limited resources. 
  • You have seen our Team of Volunteers in action all throughout the year including special events such as the Open Day, the NICO Forum and the AGM.  A special Thank-You lunch will be organised next year (May 2020)for all our volunteers during the Queensland Volunteer Week.

Summary of finances

  • U3A is in a strong financial position thanks to the increase of our membership fee from $50 to $70 and the careful management of our expenses.  Without the increase in fees, we would have been dipping into our reserves to the tune of $5,600 for this year alone. At that rate, our current reserve of $24,696 would only last another 4 years.
  • We currently have 399 members of which 147 are new members (38%). The variety of classes and activities along with the low cost to attend U3A continue to attract new members.  As they say “success breeds success” and in our case, the young retirees are drawn to U3A as they want to stay active and engaged.
  • Membership dues remain our principal source of income $27,945 of which $15,455 was needed to cover our rental expenses. This does not leave much room to manoeuvre.
  • Again this year, we have made a small operating surplus of $2,326 which means that our reserve ($24,500) stays untouched and will continue to grow; if only interest rates dare move upwards.
  • Note that the table below does not take into account the Qld Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) grant of $4,327 to purchase an air-conditioning unit and other IT equipment.