Latest Annual Report


Jottings from the President 


(extract from AGM report)

On behalf of U3A Ipswich and West Moreton I wish to acknowledge

the Jagera, Yuggera and Ugarapul people,

the traditional custodians of this land we stand on today, and

to pay respect to the elders past and present of these nations.

Welcome you to the U3A Ipswich 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Let’s start with good news ! WE ARE NOT MOVING  … well not for the time being!

At last year’s AGM, I spoke about the 2 most important challenges facing us PREMISES and TUTORS.

  • I will start with the latter (tutors). We are very fortunate to have members who step-up to offer new classes. We currently have 36 tutors who delivered this term 42 individual classes. Over the year, that represents over 5,760 hours of volunteering – that is a very conservative figure.
  • We were very saddened to farewell Karen Schmidt (card making tutor) and Lynne McCann (line dancing tutor). We shared the grief with their families as they had become part of our U3A family.  These 2 classes have continued as these wonderful tutors had instilled in their students the passion to learn and to share their knowledge. What a great legacy.
  • Premises: uncertain times lie ahead so this challenge will continue to dominate your Management Committee’s agenda.
    • The Ipswich City Council is under Interim Administration (no news to you) – this has a direct impact on the premises we currently enjoy: Woodend (garage), the Humanities Building (to be re-purposed in 2020) and the Central Library (relocation to new builging some time in the future).
    • The Booval Campus on the grounds of the Glebe Road Uniting Church remains a shared resource which limits our ability to establish additional classrooms. Also other demands on the premises (Eistedfod, Uni exams) means we are managing our bookings week by week.
    • Our Treasurer Rhonda Watson will speak about the financial implications of premises on our membership fees. (see report under Annual Treasurer’s Report).
    • NOTHING IS GUARANTEED so we ask that members (1) keep an eye out for any potential venues for classes and (2) be patient and flexible.

Your ManCom has continued its efforts to bring U3A up to speed with regards to Good Governance.  After considerable work done by the Planning Sub-committee, we introduced two new policies:

  • Grievance/Complaints Policy/Procedure: (April) and
  • Policy on Access to U3A programmes for People with Impairments or Disabilities (roll out in Jan ‘19).  U3A Ipswich engaged with the Qld Office of Anti-discrimination who provided training sessions for all Qld U3As.  Since then, the U3A Qld Network has approved a state-wide policy which was reviewed by the Qld Anti-Discrimination Office.

Your Management Committee is a Team Effort

I would like to thank our outgoing committee:-

  • Campus Managers: Geoff Mayhew and Eric Boel. They work tirelessly to deliver comfortable premises. They are the pillars of our organisation, without premises no classes, no members.
  • Yvonne James our Secretary Extraordinaire who is stepping down because of the 3 year Constitution rule on the Executive however she will stay on te Committee as our Membership Officer.
  • Karen Dionysius, our Volunteers Coordinator who has kept the office manned for most of the year with a small group of dedicated volunteers. Karen stepping down from this role was not of her choosing. I am grateful to Karen for training her replacement Meegan Ferguson.
  • Again, because of a Constitutional rule, we bid farewell to Roy Taylor, who has served 5 years consecutive. Thank you Roy for your very long service to U3A.
  • I am delighted to keep our on our Team, Norah Blunden, Estelle McCrohan and Rhonda Watson and to welcome new members (following your endorsement).
  • We’ve lost 2 members due to relocation: Anna Bradbury and Vickie Lucas as they moved away from Ipswich. For the past 3 years, I enjoyed the support and friendship of Anna Bradbury.  She brought to U3A her expertise in marketing and events management.  She was also a valuable tutor.   I miss her very much.

Your U3A is a Team Effort:

We have achieved a lot this year for which we can all be proud.  On this Honour Roll here, there are 70 names, these are 70 members who have volunteered more than 25 hours during the year to U3A.  We are the envy of many community groups.

If you are in the room, please take a bow.


Paulette Montaigne

President (2017/18)