Circle Dancing

Dance Around The Earth

TUTOR: Nellie Clark

10 am alternate Saturday to Film Discussion Group reconvening 2 July:

New Venue: Suncare Lakes Village so please speak with our U3A Office if you are interested.

Nellie ClarkIf you like people and enjoy having fun while moving in sync with pleasant music, you will fit well into our class. Although a few of us have had the pleasure of a specially trained circle-dance tutor for a few years, none of us are experts, but we manage well in a non-demanding and non-threatening environment. Prior to each dance we go through the steps in detail to make it easier for everyone to follow.

Dress is casual/comfortable and most of us like to dance bare-foot – light footwear is acceptable, e.g. socks or light sandals/slippers.

Circle dancing is a common name for a style of traditional dancing usually done in a circle with or without partners, usually to musical accompaniment. Most of our dances have been choreographed using folk dances from around the world and we have the privilege of using ethnic or exotic music.

Dancing is a great way of developing friendships with like-minded people. You will be welcome to join us on alternate Saturdays and maybe more often depending on request.

Although not trained as a circle dance teacher, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of learning Scottish, Irish and ballroom dancing while at school. I have choreographed local amateur pantomime in England and danced in the previous tutor’s group with U3A over a period of about eight years.