Computers – Basic PC

** This class is presently suspended due to U3A’s COVID-19 Safeplan restrictions **

Classes with Laurie Zaat

Basic PC Course runs over three (3) weeks from 10:00am until 12:00 midday on consecutive Mondays. There will be a maximum of four (4) students only per class. The course will repeat after each previous completed course while demand warrants. Each student will be provided with a fully configured Windows 10 personal computer. You should NOT bring your own PC or laptop as each student requires identical configurations.
 The aim of the course is to introduce students to:
– the basic hardware and software components of personal computers – the human-machine interface ( eg. Wired/wireless mouse, keyboard; cursors, clicking, drag n drop, etc) – basic operations of the Windows 10 environment ( eg. system integrity, updates, firewalls, user profiles, etc)- file structures ( files types, directory trees, cabinets, etc) and data management ( store, copy, move, delete, etc)- safe and secure personal practices on PCs ( eg. password management, internet access, etc)- connecting to other computers, and other devices ( eg. printers, monitors, modems, etc) and the internet – networking and communications protocols ( eg. WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet, etc)
Upon completion, students will have a basic knowledge and understanding of the various components of personal computers to confidently operate them optimally; identify common issues and problems often encountered with them, and initiate early, basic remedial action to regain functionality; and, how to manage files and other data in the Windows environment.
The course DOES NOT cover how to use any particular applications, such as email, photo/video editing, word processing, spreadsheets or presentations.

NOTE: this course does not cover Apple Computer’s MacBook or iMac computers running MacOS and Apple’s iPhone or iPad running iOS . Check regularly for new courses on these devices.