Computers – Apple to The Core

with Laurie Zaat, fortnightly on Monday at 1.00pm – 3.00pm, repeating on demand.

The Apple to The Core course will provide new and seasoned users of the Apple platforms assistance in setting up, configuring and exploiting the features of the unique world of the Mac and iPhone/iPad.

While many apps familiar to Windows users are also found on the Mac, they operate differently in many ways that can be confusing to users transferring to the Mac world from Windows. (And if you prefer the Windows environment, you’ll be shown how to set up Windows 10 on your Mac – to run alternatively to, or even simultaneously with, MacOS!)

Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions and issues where they will be addressed in a forum-style class. Additionally, specific topics will be addressed including Time Machine backups, upgrading MacOS and the impact that has on existing apps, downloading and installing apps from the AppStore, as well as interfacing Mac and iPhone/iPad devices and transferring files between them.

All utilities will be looked at, plus options available to tailoring your Mac or iPhone/iPad to your preferred settings.

Bring your Mac along for a detailed analysis of your system’s performance and vulnerabilities using free, yet powerful, tools that you can take home with you for future use yourself.