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Agenda of 2019 AGM – 29 November


2. Attendees / Apologies / Proxies

3. Minutes of AGM held on November 30, 2018

4. Reports

  1. President
  2. Treasurer (including receipt of Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report)

5. Election of 2019/20 Management Committee

6. Appointment of Auditor
7. General Business

Close of meeting

Guest Speaker: Anne-Marie Walton – Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Y(E)P Ipswich.

Topic: How this mature-aged scaredy-cat created a new dream career & global business opportunity.

Nominations received by the deadline of 15th November, 2019

President Ian Muil Yvonne James Paulette Montaigne
Secretary Marie Davidson Paulette Montaigne Yvonne James
Treasurer Ros Nugent Paulette Montaigne Amanda Schloss
Committee Members
  Norah Blunden Yvonne James Judy Collis
  Karen Doolan Paulette Montaigne Yvonne James
  Yvonne James Rhonda Watson Rena Wright
  Julie Laughan Paulette Montaigne Yvonne James
  Amanda Schloss Yvonne James Rena Wright
  Rena Wright Paulette Montaigne Yvonne James

Community Forum Wed. 27 Nov 10am Booval Campus