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Masks no longer mandatory, but activities subject to our COVID SafePlan. To review: click 'About Us'

Restrictions have been eased, but carrying a mask with you is recommended. It is strongly recommended you wear a mask when outdoors if you are unable to stay more than 1.5m distance from other people, such as busy walkways, thoroughfares, public transport and supermarkets.

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Transforming Simple Pieces of Paper into Beautiful Art

Origami is just one of the avenues that provides both mental and physical stimulus with exercise. It aids in developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and mental concentration. With the use of our hands it directly stimulates both hemispheres of our brain. Origami has used in a variety of therapeutic settings, including art therapy and in stroke and injury rehabilitation. Physically our hands become active. Impulses are sent to the brain activating both left and right hemispheres of the brain. Tactile, motor, and visual areas of the brain are activated and brought into use. Memory, non-verbal thinking, attention, 3D comprehension and imagination are further stimulated by the brain’s exploration of Origami. Emotional satisfaction is a by-product of your work as you view a piece of paper being transformed into a new creation. For further details of our 'Origami Making' course, see 'Beauty in Folded Paper' above.

Why you may not be able to see any Omail emails. Geoff Mayhew explains...

Here is a sample Gmail page showing Primary, Social and Promotions tabs. Some members using Gmail or similar, may be missing out on receiving these Omail emails because they are going into the Promotions Tab instead of your Primary Tab.Your Omail mail from U3A Ipswich is coming from omail@u3a.net so you need to tell Gmail to direct that mail into your normal primary inbox and not into the promotions folder. So look in your promotions tab to find the message and drag it onto the Primary tab and you will be asked if you want all future messages like that to go there. From then on, all your mail from U3A Ipswich will be delivered to your Primary Inbox. It's that simple. Here is a quick explanation as to why this happens. Gmail tries to de-clutter your mailbox. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sort your incoming mail and places your regular mail into your Primary box, or if its from Facebook etc into your Social box or if it’s from Woolworths or Dan Murphys etc, into your promotions box. (Gmail must think Omail is a sales catalogue). It also looks for any spam and pops it into your spam folder (seen on the left above).

Volunteers are our lifeblood

Our U3A only functions by the work of volunteers. There are many roles, from minor to major, but ALL are necessary and appreciated. Even if you only have 30 minutes once a week, there is a role for you. For example, staffing our office; helping with events such as See Create Connect Expo; become a tutor – share your passion; join the management committee. We welcome your involvement, which also offers the opportunity for social engagement and fun. To become a volunteer, please contact the office and leave a message for Figlia DiDio, Volunteer Coordinator, on (07) 3282 7484, or email at contact@u3aipswich.org.au​

Ever noticed odd advertising turning up in your email?

There's a simple way to find who the culprit is, as Geoff Mayhew explains in this gem on tracking who is 'on selling' your email address.... "Gmail has a feature enabling you to see if a mob you are subscribed to is on-selling your email address," he says. "Say your address is bettybroadacre@gmail.com and you want to subscribe to your local bottle shop, called cheapgrog.com.au, and you want to make sure your email address is not secretly passed on to others. By adding +cheapgrog to the email address you register with - making it bettybroadacre+cheapgrog@gmail.com - you will instantly know if others are sending you mail from Cheapgrog's mailing list and you can filter them out (or contact Cheapgrog and complain they have on-sold your details). You don't need to set up a new account, just adding a + to your existing email address followed by a meaningful keyword makes no difference and all mail will come through to you as normal - but you get to see where they were originating from." There's lots of other tricks you'll pick up from Geoff's Computer Tips and Tricks course. Click the 'Courses' button above to get details.

Registering for your choice of classes just got easier!

Our Health and Safety is in Everyone's Hands

We are now live! Integrating MyU3A into our website has been completed finally! 

One of the major benefits of the new system is the ability for members to select and register for any class themselves online. All members will be able to see the status of classes and make informed decisions on the spot. You’ll know if classes are wait-listed, the class size limit, during which terms the classes operate, and each class’s  location.

You’ll have instant access to all the start dates for every class of every course at every venue – all at the click of a mouse button or tap on your smart device screen!

Not confident using high tech devices? Our volunteers in the office will be able to offer assistance through the whole process.

Wishing all in our community a safe, healthy and successful year