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All strung out with daily blues? Why not pick up a guitar or ukulele and put some music in you life. No heavy stuff – learn basic rhythms and strumming patterns on guitar. You could be playing a famous tune with no more than two chords by the end of your first lesson. There’s just the barest minimum of theory to let you make sense of what’s what. If you prefer a smaller instrument and fewer strings, why not try a ukulele. No matter which instrument you choose to strum, you’ll be tapping your foot and singing along to your hearts content!

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Sewing Essentials & Alteration

Weekly on Friday at Booval Campus 10.00-12.00 Margaret Heaven is a qualified dressmaker and pattern maker. This course will help you learn the essentials of sewing, altering and even making patterns. Margaret will teach beginners and experienced in putting in a zip, hemming, alterations and patterns. You will need to bring along your sewing machine, scissors, fabric and sewing necessities. Come along to the first lesson and discuss what it is you want out of the course.


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We are offering Pickleball to members at Ipswich Showgrounds Indoor Sports Centre on Wednesdays from 10.00 to 12.00. Pickleball happens to be one of the fastest growing sports globally and right here in Queensland, especially with U3A members. A number of U3As in Queensland now offer pickleball. To learn what it is, visit https://www.pickleballaus.org and search ‘pickleball’ on Youtube. Come along and join our happy group.

Drawing with Ink Pens

Yvonne James is is bringing back her class: Drawing with Ink Pens. In this class we will use a variety of ink pens in order to gain confidence in using various techniques such as hatching, cross hatching, scribbling and stippling. We will then put our new knowledge and skills to use by drawing and shading a few simple projects.

From Art to Yoga ... there's something for everyone at U3A Ipswich

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Craft Dabblers Workshop returns in 2024

A place to try new crafts, or practice ones you already know. The 2nd Friday of each month will be a chance to have a go at something different. All materials will be provided, so there will be a fee to cover their cost..But the emphasis will be on readily available, inexpensive or recycled materials, to keep this as low as possible. Suggested workshops are: candle making on 11th Feb, bath bombs and shower melts on 11th Mar and Macrame bottle totes on 8th April with discussion about future workshops.

Volunteers are our lifeblood. We need your help!

Our U3A only functions by the work of volunteers. There are many roles, from minor to major, but ALL are necessary and appreciated. Even if you only have 30 minutes once a week, there is a role for you. For example, staffing our office; helping with events such as See Create Connect Expo; become a tutor – share your passion; join the management committee. We welcome your involvement, which also offers the opportunity for social engagement and fun. To become a volunteer, please contact the office and leave a message for Sue Rose, Volunteer Coordinator, on (07) 3282 7484, or email at volunteer@u3aipswich.org.au​

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